KULT represents the beauty of simplicity and its power to bring out the essential. Simplicity is timeless, and a timeless piece of jewelry is one that does not define, but is defined by those who wear it. Our pieces are like precious tattoos that blend with you and gather meaning from your unique experiences. At KULT, beauty and the capacity to appreciate is not bound by stereotypes. Our minimalist, agender pieces are meant for everybody; carefully crafted to complement each person, inviting them to embody the simple elegance of everyday life and cherish their true essence.  



Ethics and social responsibility are rooted in the KULT philosophy and guide every part of our creative process. Our pieces are unique amulets meant to last and be passed on. This, together with the use of responsibly sourced materials and sustainable design practices, allows us to minimize the waste and environmental impact of production. We help local artisans empower themselves through conscious manufacturing practices that ensure their work is valued and everyone is treated with respect. KULT artisans and collaborators are like family. Each hand-made piece carries their story and heart, and you’ll always know who made your jewelry. 



True beauty appears when someone or something makes you feel good”- Jessie Bonne, Founder of KULT Jewelry

A native of Martinique (French West Indies), Jessie Bonne spent 7 years in Paris before settling in Mexico City, where KULT was born in 2015. She first created jewelry for her personal use, feeling the necessity to be surrounded by objects that could always accompany and suit her no matter the place or moment, and with no stereotype attached. Inspired by the role objects, architecture and geometric forms play in our everyday lives, she founded KULT with the purpose of creating jewelry pieces that celebrate the spirit of simplicity and participate in the creation of our personal stories.



We create unique jewelry pieces that celebrate the great and important moments in your life. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, an anniversary or birthday present, or a gift to commemorate a special occasion, we will work closely with you to turn your ideas and inspiration into a one-of-a-kind KULT piece.    


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