Jessie Bonne

Created by Jessie Bonne, french caribbean designer who lives between Miami and Mexico, KULT stands for simplicity and invites us to value the beauty of our everyday life. We aim at offering the best accomplices for your daily adventures. Unconditional jewels that blend with yourself until becoming your most precious tattoo and add an elegant touch to every moment of your life. She first created jewelry for her personal use, feeling the necessity to be surrounded by objects that could always accompany and suit her no matter the place or moment, and with no stereotype attached. The kind of unconditional objects that become more and more meaningful at the rhythm of everyday experiences, inviting you to celebrate the here and now. Convinced that beauty relies in simplicity, she soon began her quest for new basics through minimalist, timeless, and a-gender designs. This quest leaded to the creation of jewelry pieces that do not define their owners but are instead defined by them, and participate in the creation of their personal mythologies.